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The Autistic Spectrum

Chelating: To remove (a heavy metal, such as lead or mercury) from the bloodstream by means of a chelate, such as EDTA.
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Boy dies during autism treatment
Thursday, August 25, 2005
By Karen Kane and Virginia Linn, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A 5-year-old autistic boy died Tuesday in a Butler County doctor's office while undergoing an increasingly popular though controversial medical treatment touted by some as a cure for the lifelong neurological and developmental disorder.
Abubakar Tariq Nadama died while receiving chelation therapy, an intravenous injection of a synthetic amino acid that latches onto heavy metals and is then passed in the urine.
State police at Butler are investigating Nadama's death, which occurred at about 10:50 a.m. Tuesday in the office of Dr. Roy Eugene Kerry in Portersville.
Authorities said Kerry's office reported that the child was receiving an IV treatment for lead poisoning when he went into cardiac arrest.
The boy was being treated with EDTA, or ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid, which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use only after blood tests confirm acute heavy-metal poisoning.
Exposure to heavy metals, especially mercury, has been linked by some researchers as a contributing cause to autism.
Removing those metals, they believe, can improve a child's condition. The theory is a matter of dispute among scientists and within the autism community.
A family friend said the boy and his mother, Marwa, who are from England, moved here in the spring, specifically to receive chelation therapy, and were living in Monroeville.
In the autism community, the use of chelation as a way to detoxify environmental contaminants in children has exploded since 2000 as more and more families have reported miraculous improvements and even cures. But skeptics in the community say they fear the procedure is at best risky and possibly lethal. "It was just a matter of time before something like this would happen," said Howard Carpenter, executive director of the Advisory Board on Autism-Related Disorders.
"Parents of children with autism are desperate. Some are willing to try anything," he said.
"I can't sit there and endorse it as a viable treatment. It's not something published in peer review journals and studies," said Dr. Gary Swanson, a child psychiatrist at Allegheny General Hospital who works with autism patients. "It's probably a quack kind of medicine."
If the child's death is tied to chelation therapy, it would be the first associated with the procedure since the 1950s, said Dr. Ralph Miranda of Greensburg. Miranda is the former president of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, a group that sets clinical practice and education standards for chelation and other, similar therapies.
Chelation can be administered through pills, skin creams or other transdermal methods, nasal sprays, sauna baths and intravenously. Miranda said it is unusual to give a young child IV treatments unless he has an extremely high level of heavy metals.
He said although EDTA is a "very safe drug" he usually administers an oral form of chelation drugs to children to remove toxins because pills are safer. It does, however, take longer to remove the toxins with the pills.
"There are people out there suggesting using the IV to get faster results. I'm not," he said.
Marwa Nadama said yesterday she did not want to comment except to say that she is not blaming chelation for her son's death, at least not at this point.
"Let's wait until we have the results of the autopsy," she said.
An autopsy conducted yesterday on the child's body by the Allegheny County coroner's office was inconclusive. Results on the cause and manner of death are pending additional testing which could take up to five months to complete, authorities said.
Kerry, who is a board-certified physician and surgeon, advertises himself as an ear, nose and throat specialist, dealing with allergies and environmental medicine. He operates out of offices in Greenville and Portersville under the name Advanced Integrative Medicine Center Inc. Kerry did not return calls to his offices yesterday.
Doctors affiliated with the National Institutes of Mental Health and American Academy of Pediatrics do not endorse the use of chelation therapy to remove heavy metals for autism. Such drugs used in the process can cause liver and kidney damage and other problems.
Cindy Waeltermann, director of the Pittsburgh-based national advocacy group AutismLink, issued a statement to members yesterday warning that caution needs to be used as parents seek help for their autistic children.
"Please, before you try any new therapies, we urge you to research the physician, the methods, and the safety. Some of these therapies are quite dangerous. We're not telling you what to do, we're just urging you to use caution. We all do what we think is best for our children, and sometimes we are desperate. While we've heard stories of chelation success, it is definitely a dangerous process," Waelterman wrote.
She said parents on her group's online forum have referred to Kerry as a known practitioner of chelation therapy.
News of the death soared across the autism community yesterday, alarming proponents and foes of the treatment.
"It's just terrible. My heart is just dying for the family," said J.B. Handley of San Francisco, who helped found Generation Rescue, an international advocacy program for the use of biomedical treatments that include chelation therapy to help autistic children.
He claims his son Jamison, now 3, has dramatically improved since undergoing chelation therapy to remove mercury, the metal most associated with autism because of its presence in some childhood vaccines. He and his wife launched their international group in May.
He said that, in 2000, perhaps a dozen autistic children were treated with chelation therapy. This year, it's more than 10,000.
(Karen Kane can be reached at or 724-772-9180.)


DESPERATE parents seek autism's cure
Providence Journal (subscription) - Providence,RI,USA
A child's death near Pittsburgh heightens the controversy surrounding popular chelation therapy.
01:00 AM EDT on Saturday, August 27, 2005
Journal Staff Writer

When Dr. Julia McMillan, a professor of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, arrived at work yesterday, she had an e-mail from a colleague with the subject line, "This was bound to happen."
The e-mail said a 5-year-old autistic boy, Abubakar Tariq Nadama, had gone into cardiac arrest and died in suburban Pittsburgh on Tuesday after receiving chelation therapy, a treatment that uses drugs to strip toxic heavy metals from the body.
The Butler County coroner's office said yesterday that tests had not yet concluded what killed the boy, who had been receiving his third treatment.
But his death brings to light the desperation of the growing number of parents seeking chelation, based on the theory -- rejected by the American Academy of Pediatrics -- that autism is caused by a mercury-based preservative formerly used in vaccines. Many are seeking to "detoxify" their children with expensive, unproven therapies such as chelation, in which drugs are administered either orally, topically or intravenously.
The parents say they have no choice but to search for answers -- the mainstream medical community offers no precise reason for autism, nor a cure or specific medical treatment, only behavioral therapies. Autism is a developmental disorder that affects a child's ablity to communicate or interact.
"It's truly devastating for families; it's not surprising they would look for some cure," said McMillan, of Johns Hopkins. "I don't fault those families, except when what they're doing is more dangerous. . . . It's a known dangerous treatment."
CHELATION is considered a valid treatment for exposure to lead paint and certain other acute heavy-metal poisonings. But its effect on autism is mostly anecdotal, shared among parents who gather in support groups -- such as Moms For Options to Treat and Heal Autism and Related Syndromes -- which meets in Providence once a month.
"We think our kids were poisoned," said Sherri Crohan, of Lincoln, the president. "The bottom line is: if you get the mercury out, the kids get better."
Matthew and Kristine Rogan, of Cranston, drive their 5-year-old son to an alternative doctor in Rhinebeck, N.Y., every six weeks for a $700 chelation treatment, which isn't covered by insurance.
Some parents have sought to sue vaccine makers. But Kristine Rogan, a teacher in North Providence, says she just wants to help her son. "I want to fix him, and if that happens, I don't care about anything else," she said.
The couple were off to Rhinebeck yesterday, undeterred by the news of the boy in Pittsburgh. Matthew Rogan, a nurse at Rhode Island Hospital, says the couple have weighed the risks and benefits and believe that chelation is the way to rid their son of the mercury that they suspect damaged him.
"In our circle of friends, everyone is doing it," he said. "You go to an autism conference and start talking about mercury, and people look down on you and think you're crazy. But if you read the books, it's a no-brainer."
He says his son hasn't had side effects and seems to be improving, though it's difficult to tell whether it's the chelation, because the couple is trying numerous alternative treatments, including supplements suggested by the Rhinebeck Health Center & the Center for Progressive Medicine. "He's doing better," Matthew Rogan said of his son. "We're not there yet."
"We have a lot of hope for our son," he said.
THE ROGANS, who have also taken their son to California and Chicago for alternative treatments, say they expect that mercury will eventually come out in their son's urine. So far, it has not. Matthew Rogan said he was told that mercury is the last metal to come out during chelation, and that it will take more treatments.
"He just excreted a bunch of lead," he said. "It was off the charts what came out of his body. We're working on lead right now. We have to keep chipping away at that to get down to mercury."
Barbara Coddington, an assistant at Rhinebeck Health Center, said yesterday that the children taking chelation are typically hooked up to an IV and given a drug called EDTA -- ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid. The clinic is a member of Defeat Autism Now, a national network of alternative doctors started in 1995.
Coddington said autistic children come from all over, "from Iraq, from England, from Pakistan. It's been wonderful to watch how some of the kids didn't speak or interact very well when they started coming here, and they do now."
DR. ROBERT BARATZ, an internist and the president of the National Council against Health Fraud, in Peabody, Mass., said parents are being sold false hope. "It's a group of people preying upon the desperate," he said.
Baratz said that even if one accepts the hypothesis that mercury caused autism, there's no evidence that chelation can help. He said that the way organic mercury poisoning occurs -- it's "not a reversible problem."
"What people have to know when they start this is that it's totally unproven -- disproven -- and dangerous," Baratz said. "It is bogus; there is no evidence it works, and plenty of evidence it doesn't."
Dr. Richard Deth, a professor at the College of Pharmaceutical Studies at Northeastern University, has testified before Congress and believes there is a link between autism and Thimerosal, the mercury preservative widely used in vaccines until a few years ago. Deth says autistic children lack the ability to cope with, or excrete, mercury like other children. "Where did it go? The answer is, probably in the brain," he said.
Deth said chelation would be a logical treatment for acute mercury poisoning, but he questioned whether "chelation could get at mercury in the brain." Another problem, he said, is that chelation drugs can remove metals that have an essential role in the body.
Doug Kertscher, a lawyer in Atlanta, has handled cases of botched chelation therapy and has found that some doctors are better than others.
He said: "I don't think in any way, shape or form that chelation cures autism." But he said that the alternative doctors who are part of Defeat Autism Now do seem to follow strict guidelines for administering chelation.
Last year, Kertscher was part of a team of lawyers that settled multiple lawsuits against a Georgia doctor who performed chelation on autistic children. The Edelson Center for Environmental and Preventative Medicine, a Georgia clinic, had been kicked out of the Defeat Autism Now network and is now closed, he said. Lawsuits alleged that children had been hurt by Edelson's treatments, which "included not just chelation but this really awful sauna therapy," Kertscher said. He said a witness testified that children would be held down in the sauna. "They would be screaming to get out and kicking."
"The parents are very vulnerable. . . . Wouldn't you give up all your retirement [money] if this guy really convinced you and was a great salesman and showed you all kinds of charts?" Kertscher said. "You'd sell your cars and triple-mortgage your house to try to cure your child, and that's what happened, time and time again."

Boy's death prompts questions about chelation
By Jennifer Bails
Friday, August 26, 2005

Marla Green said her 6-year-old autistic son, John, seems to benefit tremendously from daily treatments to remove heavy metals built up in his body.
Every day, the Lower Burrell mother administers a "natural" oral spray to her son, which she says binds the mercury, lead and other metals in his system, neutralizes them and allows them to be excreted -- a controversial therapy called chelation (pronounced key-LAY-shun).
"I'd consider it a safe process," said Green, who helps to run an education and advocacy organization called FightingAutism based in Pine. "We're going slow, but steady, to try to help his body do what it can't do by itself. I don't think we're doing any damage to our son. John has only improved."
But the death of a 5-year-old autistic Monroeville boy earlier this week while undergoing a more aggressive form of chelation therapy has raised new questions about the safety of this type of treatment.
Pennsylvania state police in Butler County said Thursday they are investigating the death of Abubakar "Tariq" Nadama. The child's heart stopped beating Tuesday in the Portersville office of Dr. Roy Eugene Kerry, of the Advanced Integrative Medicine Center, as he received a chelating agent called ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid intravenously.
No information has been found to indicate criminal activity in connection with the youngster's death, state police said yesterday.
Nadama died after receiving his third treatment of chelation therapy for autism, a neurological disorder characterized by a range of behavioral, communication, social and learning disabilities varying widely in severity.
The incidence of autism is reaching epidemic proportions in America. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one of every 166 children is born with the disease.
Neighbors said the boy's funeral was being held yesterday afternoon. No one answered the door of the family's Colgate Drive home.
Detailed autopsy results probably won't be available for at least a month to establish whether there was a link between the child's death and the chelation therapy, according to the Butler County Coroner's Office.
Chelation therapy was developed by the United States Navy in the 1950s as a way to remove lead and other toxic metals from the bodies of military personnel.
Its use in treating autism stems from the idea -- dismissed by medical orthodoxy and federal health authorities -- that the disorder is actually mercury poisoning in a different guise, caused by a preservative added to childhood vaccines rather than a hereditary neurological imbalance. Some experts also blame exposure to heavy metal pollution in the environment for causing autism.
"It's a logical approach that if the metals are creating some of the problem, you could remove them and see improvements," said Dr. Ralph Miranda, a general practitioner in Greensburg whose Wholistic Health Center specializes in blending traditional and alternative medicines.
Miranda is the former president of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, a California-based nonprofit group that sets clinical and education standards for chelation and other practices.
"When done appropriately, chelation therapy can be extremely safe and effective," Miranda said. "But it does take some training. You can't just fall out of bed and say, 'I'm going to chelate.'"
Critics of chelation therapy say no rigorous scientific studies have been mounted to prove its safety or effectiveness as a treatment for autism.
Consequently, doctors affiliated with the National Institutes of Mental Health and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend it be avoided by autistic patients until valid research studies are performed.
The drug used to treat Nadama, abbreviated as EDTA, has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in treating acute heavy-metal poisoning only.
It is not illegal for a physician to prescribe chelation therapy to autistic children, Miranda said.
Kerry, who also has an office in Greenville, Mercer County, is a member of the Mercer County Medical Society and the American Medical Association, according to Chuck Moran, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Medical Society.
An electronic background check revealed he is affiliated with UPMC-Horizon, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Medical School 41 years ago and is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, an ear, nose and throat specialty.
Brian McDonald, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of State, said Kerry's license as a medical physician and surgeon is in good standing and no disciplinary actions have been taken against him.
Kerry did not return phone messages left yesterday at either of his offices or his home.
Green said at least 100 members of the FightingAutism support group -- of which Nadama's mother, Marwa, is a member -- rely on chelation therapy and other "biomedical treatments," such as detoxifying vitamin supplements and restricted diets, to help their autistic children rather than psychotropic medications.
To monitor John's chelation treatments in the past year, Green visits an out-of-state doctor who comes to the Pittsburgh area every eight weeks and sees several other patients from the FightingAutism group, too.
She will continue to administer this therapy to her son in the wake of Nadama's death.
"People are devastated that this happened. He was a beautiful boy," she said. "My heart is breaking for the family, but we're not going to stop. We're going to keep going.
"It all comes down to research. If they would spend more money on research and figure out what causes this disease, then parents wouldn't be faced with all of these difficult choices."

Official response from Dr. Garry Gordon, regarding the recent death of a 5 Y.O. autistic boy, while undergoing IV EDTA chelation.  Dr. Gordon is considered one of the most knowledgeable sources on EDTA chelation.

Dear Health Care Professionals:
You may soon read and hear the kind of hysteria and negative press that I expected to see, but it will get FAR WORSE before it gets better. As of this moment, I can only assume that there must have been a substantial deviation from the standard procedures that I, and all of you, have established for the safe administration of Calcium EDTA.
As incredible as it may seem to those of you belonging to this discussion group, the possibility exists that the child was treated with Disodium EDTA administered by IV Push. 
I am forced to consider this unfortunate explanation unless there was some major undiagnosed illness in the child that no one suspected, such as a major heart defect or perhaps an aneurism that ruptured at the exact time the patient was receiving the IV Push of Calcium EDTA.
However, the autopsy has been completed and the results were inconclusive so that they have ordered additional tests, which may take up to 5 months to complete.
This means that there is no obvious explanation for the death of this child. My fear is that if someone who is not knowledgeable in chelation and has not learned that this is complex chemistry assumes, for example, that all that they have to do to provide magnesium EDTA or Calcium EDTA is just add either magnesium or calcium to a syringe containing Disodium EDTA.
We could have a serious problem because Disodium EDTA has a black box warning about rapid administration to children and simply adding something like Calcium or Magnesium does not fully convert Disodium EDTA to Calcium EDTA. Then there is also a problem with discomfort, if you tried to give yourself an IV push of diluted Disodium EDTA the pain could be extreme so you might wind up increasing the dose of Lidocaine and again we can get into problems with the heart if too much of a "caine" if given intravenously.
So let's look at the big picture, there are NO DEATHS occurring when EDTA, either calcium or Disodium are PROPERLY administered. Now the media will try to make chelation out to be fraudulent and the tests that we do to measure lead etc as being meaningless. Amazingly they will bring out Quack buster Barrett who with a little more effort we may be able to one day put behind bars for his lies and incompetence.
Thus I have to conclude some error in rate of administration, dosage, method of preparation probably occurred; in fact, I now believe this is most likely rather than administering the correct drug, Calcium EDTA, intravenously, which even in children is safe and effective.
Doctors who have been providing this treatment to children can hardly stop talking about the remarkable successes they have been witnessing with children responding far more rapidly than we could ever do with just the oral Calcium EDTA that I have been advocating for so long.
We know that worldwide sales of all forms of EDTA have been steadily increasing and that based on logical calculations it appears that well over 10 million patients have been safely treated with either Calcium or Disodium EDTA over the past 32+ years without a single documented fatality, as long as the established protocols were followed. All the evidence to date that EDTA is perhaps the safest therapy offered in medicine, outside of placebos.
To my knowledge, EDTA has been safely administered for nearly 50 years with the only deaths occurring in the beginning, with terminal cancer patients suffering uncontrolled hypercalcemia where inappropriate doses of Disodium EDTA were administered by rapid infusion to patients with known compromised renal status.
With the extensive proof now existing that everyone today has nearly 1000 times too much lead in their bones and Harvard publishing that this bone lead will compromise vision there can be no argument that we all have some heavy metal toxicity. Then once we conclude that government cannot stop the mercury, cadmium, lead etc from going in the air, and thus into everyone anywhere on earth, then it becomes a matter of personal choice, live with these heavy metals or remove them.
Oral chelation is clearly necessary since bone lead will take 10 years to turn over for the average adult, but some of us want results NOW. Nothing is as effective as the 147 fold increase in lead excretion over base line that IV Calcium EDTA, PROPERLY FORMULATED, was documented to induce by Doctors Data with the help of Dr Whitaker's staff.
Thus I must extend my sympathy to the family of the deceased 5-year-old boy from Nigeria whose brave mother came to the Pittsburg area from the United Kingdom to seek treatment for her autistic child. She was seeing clear improvements in her son. This was the third infusion he had received. He apparently had a cardiac arrest and was unable to be resuscitated immediately following this third infusion of what I fear was not Calcium EDTA, which is the ONLY form of EDTA that I have advocated for the exciting rapid infusion technique.
I hope those who have experience with it in their practice are NOT GOING TO STOP USING it that you have the "rest of the story", as best as we can establish it at this time. Please understand that the involved doctors cannot be expected to admit anything on advice of their attorneys.  I have only checked to see if they have ever purchased Calcium EDTA and found the answer was ?no??. leading me to compose this email in an attempt to diminish the harm that the media will do to everyone who otherwise could have been receiving oral and or IV chelation and will now be afraid.
This email may be copied and handed to your patients in an effort to meet the need for a fully informed consent.
Garry F. Gordon MD, DO, MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

Chelation Therapy and Autism
Adelle Jameson Tilton,Your Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders.
A New Hope for Autism?
Chelation therapy was first developed by the United States Navy as a way of removing toxic metals from the bodies of military personnel exposed to high concentrations of lead during the 1940's. Since that time, it has been used in the treatment of people exposed to lead paint particles and other environmental exposures, and is a recommended treatment by the American Academy of Family Practice and the American Academy of Pediatrics for this purpose. Now, however its use is being expanded to the treatment of other medical conditions such as autism.
The chemical process that takes place in chelation is complicated, but put in simple terms, the heavy metals, such as mercury, bind to the chelating agent and then are eliminated from the body. In theory, once they are removed, their toxic effects are eliminated and the individual begins to show improvement in the areas which were exposed to these metals. There are several products which are in use as chelators and are prescribed for use by some physicians.
One of the best and safest chelators is DMSA. While not approved by the FDA for use in autism, it is approved for removal of lead from children who have been diagnosed with lead poisoning. Due to the nature of DMSA, however, it does not simply bind to lead, but to any heavy metal, and therefore will bind to mercury, such as has accumulated due to vaccinations containing thimerosal. It has been tested in children and found to be safe and effective when properly used.
Another common chelator is DMPS. This substance,however, has never been tested in children and has not been found to be safe and effective. It also is very expensive and can only be purchased through a compounding pharmacist. For these reasons, it is usually not covered by health insurance policies. Because of these factors, it is not recommended for use with children and is a poor alternative to DMSA according to many specialists.
Another product in use is lipoic acid. This is an excellent chelator, since it is lipid soluble, and is therefore able to cross cell membranes better than the water soluble product DMSA. In theory, this makes it more effective, since most of the mercury is stored within the cells and is harder to reach and create bonds with.
There are two steps to chelation therapy that are essential if it is to work. First, the loosely-bound body mercury must be eliminated. This can be done with DMSA. It is given in a one week on, one off pattern with dosages being administered every four hours. Once the urine mercury levels have stabilized, the next step is chelating the mercury that is tightly bound within the cells. This is done using lipoic acid.
It is important to provide nutritional support designed to counteract mercury's known effects and to use monitoring tests to check on blood counts, kidney and liver function, and mineral levels, and to gauge how much mercury is being eliminated from the body. These tests must be done under supervision of a physician, and as in any medical treatment should be closely supervised and the recommendations of the physician should be followed by the patient.
For more information on physicians who practice Chelation Therapy, contact the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM). Their database includes over 600 physicians and clinics that are certified in this treatment method. Part 2 of this article will discuss the viewpoint of the traditional medical community toward this method of treatment.
The Opposing View of Chelation and Autism
While much publicity has been given to chelation therapy within the autism community, the overwhelming opinion of the traditional medical community is that it is an unproven therapy that should be avoided. According to Saul Green, PhD, the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), the primary proponents of chelation, and its Board Certification program are not recognized by the scientific community.
Green also points out that the typical treatment program costs between $75 and $125 per treatment, takes between 20 and 100 treatments to show results, and is not covered by insurance. Other physicians point out that some chelation therapists attempt to secure insurance coverage by misrepresenting the patient's treatment to the insurance companies, therefore practicing insurance fraud rather than medicine.
It is interesting that none of the material discussed above is related to chelation therapy in the treatment of autism or other developmental disorders. It relates to claims that chelation is an effective treatment for heart disease. The implication, however is that if it is a fraudulent treatment for heart disease, then all treatments using this procedure are suspect and should be avoided.
It is obvious that more research needs to be done into this treatment. In November 2000, Cure Autism Now (CAN), a leading autism research organization called for research proposals to finally investigate the effectiveness of chelation therapy in autism treatment. Since there has been no research studies done to validate the claims of those who tout chelation in the treatment of autism, this treatment should be considered unproven and the safety and effectiveness of it are still undetermined.
This viewpoint is supported by the Autism Biomedical Information Network, which lists chelation as an unproven treatment. They point out that no reliable research studies have been made on many treatments being offered as alternatives to traditional autism treatments, and that most of the information available on their effectiveness is anecdotal rather than based on valid scientific research techniques.
While it is not illegal for a physician to prescribe chelation therapy for the treatment of autism, without valid research studies, any treatment that has not been properly researched should be undertaken with a degree of skepticism. Until chelation is approved for use for people with autism and until valid research is conducted, the traditional medical community recommends that it be avoided.

'Mercury Reverses Autism' 
150 Parents of Autistic Children Launch Organization, Ad
Campaign with Stunning Message: Removing Mercury Reverses Autism in KidsSAN FRANCISCO, May 24 /U.S. Newswire/ 
More than 150 parents of autistic children launched a new nonprofit organization, Generation Rescue, today with a full-page advertisement in USA Today bearing a stunning message: autism is preventable and reversible. Generation Rescue parents are successfully treating their children biomedically and removing mercury from their bodies through a safe and proven detoxification treatment known as chelation therapy.
The organization's Web site, provides treatment information and connects parents with more than 150 "Rescue Angels," parents who are successfully treating their own autistic children using a variety of biomedical interventions individualized for each child. Also announced was the availability of 1,000 parents around the country to talk to media about the reversal of autism in their children.
"Our message for parents is very simple: autism is reversible," said J.B. Handley, one of the organization's founding parents and father of a son diagnosed with autism. "I see every day with my own eyes how my son Jamie is recovering from what was previously perceived as an untreatable disorder. With the removal of mercury, Jamie's autistic symptoms go away. He got a second chance at life, and we want to let other parents who are struggling out there know it's possible to get their children back."
Charlie Hoover's 7-year-old son Lenny of Royal Palm, Florida, suffered the classic symptoms of autism - spinning in circles, repetitive behaviors and tantrums. "After Lenny's diagnosis, the more I read, the more the knot in my stomach tightened," said Hoover. "It was as if our son had died."
But after chelation therapy rid Lenny's body of mercury, his symptoms disappeared. Lenny, who loves to play T-ball, is now enrolled in regular kindergarten. "If your child got lead poisoning from eating paint chips, you would certainly do something about that," Hoover said. "What's the difference between mercury and lead?"
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that more than 1 in 166 children are diagnosed with autism, up from 1 in 2,500 since the 1970s. According to the CDC, autism is a life-long disorder that is not treatable.
"For years we have heard the experts say that autism is a lifelong disability. This simply is not true anymore, thanks to effective biomedical treatments that can restore many, if not a majority, of autistic children to full recovery," said Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., Director of the Autism Research Institute and co- founder of Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!), a network of doctors throughout the country who treat autistic patients.
"Thousands of formerly autistic patients have shed their autistic symptoms. They now relate normally to their families and to other children. The hand-flapping is gone. The tantrums are gone. Most of these children who used to be lost in their own worlds are now indistinguishable from other children."
The Autism Research Institute has nearly 1,000 parents nationwide who are available for media interviews about their successful biomedical treatment of their autistic children with DAN! doctors (contact
"Our DAN! doctors determine what each individual child needs, then use safe biomedical interventions to heal that child. Many DAN! Doctors report excellent results from using chelation to rid the body of mercury and other toxic metals," said Dr. Rimland.
Recent studies and investigations have indicated that mercury may be behind the autism epidemic. Mercury, the second most toxic element after plutonium, is estimated to be 500 to 1,000 times more toxic than lead. The heavy metal burrows deep into the cells of the brain and other organs and can lead to serious central nervous system damage and crippling neurological disorders. Scientific evidence pointing to mercury poisoning as the cause behind rising autism rates has led many medical doctors to remove the toxin from the bodies of autistic children through chelation.
"The symptoms of early infant mercury poisoning and autism are virtually identical," said Dr. Boyd Haley, chairman of the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky.
 "Furthermore, research indicates that autistic children genetically have a harder time excreting mercury from their bodies. This is why chelation has become such a powerful key for unlocking and undoing the disorders associated with autism."
Chelation has been used for decades to detoxify people of dangerous levels of heavy metals, due to industrial accidents or other causes. According to the CDC, 60,000 Americans underwent some form of chelation last year, and the therapy is currently under clinical trial with heart disease patients. In autism treatments, chelating "agents" may be administered orally or transdermally (through the skin). Once in the bloodstream, the chelating agent binds to heavy metals and helps remove them from the body.
"Chelation is one of the most effective ways to rid autistic children of the mercury poisoning which is at the root of their disorder," said Lynne Mielke, M.D., a Pleasanton, California physician, who is part of the DAN! network. "The medical establishment already endorses chelation for acute metal toxicity disorders, and the number of doctors who realize chelation's benefits for the chronic metal toxicity found in autism is rapidly growing."
Parents are also eager to help fellow parents navigate the road to treatment for their autistic children. The Generation Rescue Web site,, offers contacts for more than 150 volunteer "Rescue Angels," who Handley calls the "heart and soul" of Generation Rescue. "We're parents who want to help other parents caught in the nightmare of autism find hope and recovery for their kids," said Handley, who added that the organization is completely founded, funded and run by parents. "Too often parents believe the outdated myth that autism is not treatable or reversible. We're here to tell them otherwise."
Biomedical treatments for autism require the support of a specialized healthcare provider who can tailor treatment to the individual needs of a child. While chelation therapy shows great promise, there are many biomedical treatments being used to heal autistic children.

Brooklyn, New York
David Kirby has been a professional journalist for over 15 years, and has written for The New York Times for the past eight years. Kirby was a contracted writer with the weekly City Section at The Times, where he covered public health, local politics, art and culture, film and theater, architecture, zoning and land use, among many other subjects. Currently, Kirby has contributed to The Magazine, Arts & Leisure, Personal Health, Men’s Health, Science Times, Escapes, Travel, Weekend and other sections of the paper. Kirby has also written for a number of national magazines, including Glamour, Redbook, Marie Claire, Mademoiselle, Self, Art News, and others. In addition, Kirby was a foreign correspondent in Mexico and Central America from 1986-1990, where he covered the wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua, and covered politics, corruption and natural disasters in Mexico. From Latin America, he reported for UPI, the San Francisco Examiner, Newsday, The Arizona Republic, Houston Chronicle and the NBC Radio Network.
Kirby has also worked in politics, medical research and public relations. He worked for New York City Council President Carol Bellamy as a special assistant for healthcare, cultural affairs and civil rights, followed by employment as chief scheduler to Manhattan Borough President David N. Dinkins. He also was a senior staff adviser to Dinkins’ successful 1989 run for Mayor of New York City. From 1990-1993, Kirby was Director of Public Information at the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR), where he acted as press spokesman for Chairwoman Elizabeth Taylor, and witnessed first-hand the inner workings of Congress, the White House and powerful Federal agencies like the FDA, CDC and NIH. Kirby also ran his own public relations agency in New York for four years, from 1993 through 1996, with clients that included the National Cancer Institute, AmFAR, ABC, BBC, Absolut Vodka, Dean Witter Discover & Co., and others.

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Practitioners who Offer Heavy Metal Detoxification Services Recommended by Dr. Amy Holmes

The doctors listed below were recommended by Amy Holmes and are not in any particular order of preference. Those she knew personally are notated by a red asterisk [ * ]. Dr. Holmes noted about this list: "There may be some on the DAN! Practitioner list on the ARI web site who are also very good, but I just don't know anything about them."

Following Dr. Amy Holme's list below is the Complete List of DAN! Doctors and Practititoners from the Autism Research Institute's webite who have indicated that they offer mercury and other heavy metal detoxification services.

  • Cindy K. Schneider, M.D. *
    1002 East McDowell Road, Suite A
    Phoenix, AZ 85006
    tel: 602-340-8717
    fax: 602-340-8720
    DAN! Doctor
  • Robert E. Cater, M.D.
    P.O. Box 238536
    830 South Coast Hwy. 101, Suite B2
    Encinitas, CA 92024
    tel: 760-434-5655
    fax: 760-720-7437
    DAN! Doctor
  • Richard Kunin, M.D.
    2698 Pacific Ave.
    San Francisco, CA 94115
    tel: 415-346-2500
    fax: 415-346-4991
    DAN! Doctor
  • John L. Kucera, M.D.
    1304 North Academy Blvd, #209
    Colorado Springs, CO 80909
    tel: 719-596-1118
    fax: 719-573-9774
    DAN! Doctor
  • Sidney Baker M.D. *
    40 Hillside Road North
    Weston, CT 06883
    tel: 203-227-8444
    fax: 203-227 8443
    DAN! Doctor
  • Jeff Bradstreet, M.D. *
    International Autism Research Center
    1663 Georgie Street NE, Suite 700
    Palm Bay, FL 32907
    tel: 800-328-4001, 321-953-0278
    fax: 321-953-0279
    DAN! Doctor
  • Jerrold J. Kartzinel, M.D. *
    International Autism Research Center
    1663 Georgia Street NE, Suite 700
    Palm Bay, FL 32907
    tel: 800-328-4001, 321-953-0278
    fax: 321-953-0279
    DAN! Doctor
  • David Berger, M.D., F.A.A.P.
    Vitality Health & Wellness
    2999 NE 191st Street, #905
    Aventura, FL 33180
    tel: 305-466-1100
    fax: 305-466-1160
    DAN! Doctor
  • Linda Nathanson-Lippitt, M.D. *
    2400 Herodian Way, Stuite 150
    Smyrna, GA 30080
    tel: 770-850-8588
    fax: 770-850-8789
    DAN! Doctor
  • John Hicks, M.D.
    15 Commerce Drive, Suite 108
    Grays Lake, IL 60030
    tel: 847-548-0777
    fax: 847-548-8899
    DAN! Doctor
  • Anjum Usman, M.D.
    HRI - Pfeiffer Treatment Center
    1804 Centre Point Circle, Suite 102
    Naperville, IL 60563
    tel: 630-505-0300
    fax: 630-505-1907
    DAN! Doctor
  • Jane El-Dahr, M.D. *
    Department of Pediatrics
    Tulane Medical Center
    1430 Tulane Ave.
    New Orleans, LA 70112
    tel: 504-588-5800
    fax: 504-584-3619
    DAN! Doctor
  • Richard E. Layton, M.D. *
    901 Dulaney Valley Road
    Dulaney Center II, Suite 602
    Towson, MD 21204
    tel: 410-337-2707
    fax: 410-337-2841
    DAN! Doctor
  • Paul Millard Hardy, M.D. *
    Hardy Healthcare Associates
    62 Derby Street
    Hingham, MA 02043
    tel: 781-740-8300
    fax: 781-740-8242
    DAN! Doctor
  • Maureen McDonnell, B.S., R.N. *
    83 Princeton Avenue, Suite 2D
    Hopewell, NJ 08525
    tel: 609-466-4291
    fax: 609-466-4223
    DAN! Doctor
  • James Neubrander, M.D., F.A.A.E.M. *
    15 South Main Street, Suite 6
    Edison, NJ 08837
    tel: 732-634-3666
    fax: 732-634-8008
    DAN! Doctor
  • Kenneth Bock, M.D. *
    108 Montgomery Street
    Rhinebeck, NY 12572
    tel: 914-876-7082
    fax: 914-876-4615
    DAN! Doctor
  • Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. *
    13550 Falling Water Road, #202
    Strongsville, OH 44136
    tel: 440-572-1136
    fax: 440-572-2195
    DAN! Doctor
  • Dennis W. Remington, M.D.
    1675 North Freedom Boulevard, #11-E
    Provo, UT 84604
    tel: 801-373-8500
    fax: 801-373-3426
    DAN! Doctor
  • Mary Megson, M.D. *
    Pediatric & Adolescent Ability Center
    Richmond, VA 23226
    tel: 804-673-9128
    fax: 804-673-9195
    DAN! Doctor
  • Bryan Jepson, M.D. *
    Children's Biomedical Center of Utah
    880 East 9400 South, Suite 115
    Sandy, UT 84094
    tel: 801-541-5708




Index of DAN! Practitioners (by State) who Offer Mercury Detoxification and/or Other Heavy Metal Detoxification Services

Since its establishment in 1967, the Autism Research Institute has had as a major priority the tracking of promising treatments for autism. To accelerate the development and dissemination of information that will be helpful to many families of autistic children, the Autism Research Institute convened the first Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) conference in Dallas in January, 1995. Follow-up DAN! conferences have been held each Spring and Fall to further advance the treatment of autism. The conferences have produced a base of physicians who wish to employ rational, scientifically sound approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of autism, and who regard psychoactive drugs as their last choice, not their first.

Previously, some parents had reported to the Autism Research Institute that certain DAN!-listed practitioners they contacted were in fact not truly sympathetic to the DAN! approach, despite their having requested to be on ARI's DAN! referral list. In response to this problem, in July 2002 ARI requested all those on the DAN! practitioners list to sign a statement asserting that they subscribe to the DAN! philosophy, and conduct their practice in accordance with the DAN! philosophy. (Click here to read the DAN! philosophy statement.) They were also asked to indicate which DAN!-related interventions they offer.

The following is a list of physicians and other health practitioners who utilize the DAN Protocol in their practices and have indicated that they specifically offer intervention for mercury and other heavy metal detoxification. While it is a current as possible, there may be changes and additions that have not been included. If you have information on other physicians who use this protocol or who no longer are in practice, please email the Webmaster of this site. We will update this list, as a service to you, on a regular basis. This list is as accurate as possible, however no claim is made that it is completely accurate. To find out for sure if a physician or practitioner on this list is using the DAN Protocol, contact their office for information. Also, note that some health care practitioners listed below are not physicians, and therefore are not able to provide many of the DAN! diagnostic and treatment options. However, many of these practitioners do provide extremely helpful treatments and advice, and may be able to suggest helpful local physicians who are not yet on the DAN! list.


  • Joan Priestley, M.D.
    3705 Arctic, #1321
    Anchorage, AK 99503
  • Adam Grove, N.D.
    3330 Eagle Street
    Anchorage, AK 99503
    tel: 907-561-2330
    fax: 907-561-1280


  • Cheryl Harter, M.D., M.D.(H.)
    80 Raintree Road
    Sedona, AZ 86351
    tel: 928-284-9777
  • Paul S. Charnetsky, M.D.
    195 La Mar Boulevard, Suite B
    Goodyear, AZ 85338
    tel: 623-932-2200
    fax: 623-932-2242
  • Jeanette Gallagher, N.M.D.
    6980 East Sahuaro Drive, #1046
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254
    tel: 602-881-5816
    fax: 480-998-1399
  • Alan K. Ketover, M.D., M.D.H.
    The Valley Clinic
    10595 N. Tatum Boulevard, Suite E-146
    Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
    tel: 602-381-0800
    fax: 602-381-0054
  • Abram Ber, M.D.
    5011 N. Granite Reef Road
    Scottsdale, AZ 85250
    tel: 480-941-2141
    fax: 480-941-4114


  • Alice R. Laule, M.D.
    P.O. Box 1670
    Harrison, AR 72602
    tel: 870-741-9596
    fax: 870-741-9687


  • Terrance Chang, M.D.
    6910 Douglas Boulevard, Suite F
    Roseville, CA 95746
    tel: 916-791-0797
  • Charles F. Milazzo, M.D.
    404 Sunrise Avenue, Suite C
    Roseville, CA 95661-4183
    tel: 916-782-3786
    fax: 916-773-6251

  • Erin C. King, C.Ph.T.
    1694 Myrtle Avenue
    Eureka, CA 95501
    tel: 707-443-4885
    fax: 707-443-6527
  • Robert Rowen, M.D.
    95 Montgomery Drive, Suite 220
    Santa Rosa, CA 95472
    tel: 907-571-7560
    fax: 907-571-8929
  • Kathy Kaufmann, R.D., C.C.N.
    2505 Samaritan Drive, Suite 104
    San Jose, CA 95124
    tel: 408-358-5540
    fax: 408-358-5269
  • Julie Griffith, M.D., M.S., C.M.T.
    1375 Eliseo Drive, Suite G
    Greenbrae, CA 94904
    tel: 415-925-1616
    fax: 415-925-1416
  • John Toth, D.O.
    2299 Bacon Street, #10
    Concord, CA 94520
    tel: 925-687-9447
    fax: 925-687-9483
  • Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant
    1274 Waller Street, #6
    San Francisco, CA 94117
    tel: 415-437-6807
  • Robert Cathcart, M.D.
    127 Second Street, #4
    Los Altos, CA 94022
    tel: 650-949-2822
    fax: 650-949-5083
  • Raj Patel, M.D.
    5050 El Camino Real, Suite 110
    Los Altos, CA 94022
    tel: 650-964-6700
    fax: 650-964-3495
  • Barbara Lundeen, Ph.D.
    2733 East Garland Avenue
    Fresno, CA 93726
    tel: 559-222-2555
    fax: 559-222-7104
  • Jack Warner, M.D., F.A.A.P.
    1023 East Chapman Avenue
    Fullerton, CA 92831
    tel: 714-411-2600
    fax: 714-441-2522
  • Robert Sears, M.D.
    655 Camino DeLos Mares, #117
    San Clemente, CA 92673
    tel: 949-493-5437
    fax: 949-493-0535
  • Dorothy V. Calabrese, M.D.
    24953 Paseo de Valencia, Suite 4A
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653
    tel: 949-454-0509
    fax: 949-454-2033
  • Ronald Wempen, M.D.
    14795 Jeffrey Road, Suite 101
    Irvine, CA 92618
    tel: 949-551-8751
    fax: 949-551-1272
  • Priscilla Slagle, M.D.
    946 Avenida Palos Verdes
    Palm Springs, CA 92262
    tel: 760-323-4259
    fax: 760-322-7608
  • Tracy Tranchitella, N.D.
    Stillpoint Integrative Medical Associates
    11770 Bernardo Plaza Court, Suite 212
    San Diego, CA 92128
    tel: 858-385-8980

  • Kurt Norman Woeller, D.O.
    Stillpoint Integrative Medical Associates
    11770 Bernardo Plaza Court, Suite 212
    San Diego, CA 92128
    tel: 858-385-8980
    fax: 858-385-9440
  • Shawn K. Centers, D.O., F.A.C.O.P., M.H.
    Osteopathic Center for Children
    4135 54th Place
    San Diego, CA 92108
    tel: 619-583-7611
    fax: 619-583-0296
  • David Getoff, N.D., C.C.N., C.N.C.
    19096 Deerhorn Valley Road
    Jamul, CA 91935
    tel: 619-468-6846
  • Alan Schwartz, M.D.
    Holistic Resource Center
    29020 Agoura Road, A8
    Agorua Hills, CA 91301
    tel: 818-597-0966
    fax: 818-597-8668
  • Adrienne Grant, D.O.
    720 North Tustin Avenue, #206
    Santa Ana, CA 90230
    tel: 714-565-1032
    fax: 714-565-1033
  • Karima Hirani, M.D., M.P.H.
    12732 West Washington Boulevard, #B
    Los Angeles, CA 90066
    tel: 310-577-0753
    fax: 310-577-0724


  • Joe Wezensky, M.D.
    Kokopelli Health & Wellness, PC
    2650 North Avenue, Suite 101
    Grand Junction, CO 81501
    tel: 970-263-4660
    fax: 970-248-9519
  • John Kucera, M.D.
    1304 North Academy Boulevard, #209
    Colorado Springs, CO 80909
    tel: 719-596-1118
    fax: 719-573-9774
  • Mary Frazel, N.D.
    104 East Saint Vrain, Suite 10
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903
    tel: 719-635-2050
    fax: 719-635-2625
  • Glen Nagel, N.D.
    104 East Saint Vrain, Suite 10
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903
    tel: 719-635-2050
  • Terry Grossman, M.D.
    Frontier Medical Institute
    2801 Youngfield Street, #117
    Golden, CO 80401
    tel: 303-233-4247
    fax: 303-233-4249


  • Renee Simon, M.S., C.N.S.
    470 Main Street, Suite 301
    Ridgefield, CT 06877
    tel: 203-438-1709
    fax: 203-438-2275
  • Victoria Zupa, N.D.
    397 Post Road
    Darien, CT 06820
    tel: 203-656-4300
    fax: 203-656-1444
  • James Sensenig, N.D.
    2558 Whitney Avenue
    Hamden, CT 06518
    tel: 203-230-2200
    fax: 203-230-1454
  • Enrico Liva N.D.
    87 O'Rourke Drive
    Middletown, CT 06457
    tel: 860-347-8600
    fax: 860-347-8434


  • M.C. Cossaboon, Ph.D., I.C.M.
    Psychophysics Research Int. (PRI)
    15 Forest Gate Lane, Suite 4
    Wilmington, DE 19810
    tel: 302-529-9333
    fax: 302-475-9797

  District of Columbia

  • George Mitchell, M.D. & Julie Leonard, P.A.C.
    2639 Connecticut Avenue NW, #C-100
    Washington, DC 20008
    tel: 202-265-4111


  • Albert Robbins, D.O.
    400 South Dixie Hwy
    Boca Raton, FL 33432
    tel: 561-395-3282
    fax: 561-395-3304
  • Gary S. Snyder, D.C., D.N.B.H.E.
    Clinical Nutrition Center
    1400 E. Oakland Park Boulevard
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334
    tel: 954-486-4000
    fax: 954-564-5598
  • David Berger, M.D., F.A.A.P.
    Vitality Health & Wellness
    2999 NE 191st Street, #905
    Aventura, FL 33180
    tel: 305-466-1100
    fax: 305-466-1160
  • Andrew Levinson, M.D., F.A.A.P.
    Vitality Health & Wellness
    2999 N.E. 191 Street, #905
    Miami, FL 33180
    tel: 305-466-1100
    fax: 305-466-1160
  • David Sontag, Licensed Nutritionist, Acupuncture Physician
    17027 West Dixie Hwy, #101
    North Miami, FL 33160
    tel: 305-891-3449
    fax: 305-895-1877
  • Eric N. Rydland M.D., F.A.A.P.
    2121 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite 250
    Coral Gables, FL 33134
    tel: 305-448-1752
    fax: 305-447-1263
  • William Hoffman, D.C., D.A.C.B.N., C.C.N.
    950 North Courtenay Parkway, Suite 1
    Merritt Island, FL 32953
    tel: 321-453-2844
    fax: 321-452-6452
  • Jerrold J. Kartzinel, M.D.
    International Autism Research Center
    1663 Georgia Street NE, Suite 700
    Palm Bay, FL 32907
    tel: 321-953-0278
    fax: 321-953-3983
  • Jeff Bradstreet, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.
    International Autism Research Center
    1663 Georgia Street NE, Suite 700
    Palm Bay, FL 32907
    tel: 321-953-0278
    fax: 321-953-3983
  • Roy B. Kupsinel, M.D.
    1325 Shangri-La Lane
    PO Box 620550
    Oviedo, FL 32765
    tel: 407-365-6681
    fax: 407-365-1834
  • Stephen E. Grable, M.D.
    Complementary Care Center
    7563 Philips Highway
    Suite 206, Bldg. 100
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    tel: 904-296-9355
    fax: 904-296-1472


  • Karyl Bental, D.O.
    1227 Augusta West Parkway, Suite 14
    Augusta, GA 30909
    tel: 706-627-1301
  • John Allen, M.D.
    1512 Anthony Road, Suite C
    Augusta, GA 30904
    tel: 706-738-9110
    fax: 706-738-9097
  • Janine Romaner, N.D.
    75 Wade Green Business Center
    1301 Shiloh Road, Suite 730
    Kennesaw, GA 30144
    tel: 770-640-6690
  • Linda Nathanson-Lippitt, M.D.
    2400 Herodian Way, Suite 150
    Smyrna, GA 30080
    tel: 770-850-8588
    fax: 770-850-8789
  • Donna Gates, M.Ed.
    544 Medlock Road, #210
    Decatur, GA 30030
    tel: 866-423-3438


  • Anjum Usman, M.D.
    HRI - Pfeiffer Treatment Center
    1804 Centre Point Circle, Suite 102
    Naperville, IL 60563
    tel: 630-505-0300
    fax: 630-505-1907
  • Ross Hauser, M.D.
    Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Serivces
    715 Lake Street, Suite 600
    Oak Park, IL 60301
    tel: 708-848-7789
    fax: 708-848-7763
  • Joseph M. Mercola, D.O.
    1443 West Schaumburg Road
    Schaumburg, IL 60194
    tel: 847-985-1777
    fax: 847-985-0693
  • Richard Hrdlicka, M.D.
    302 Randall Road, #206
    Geneva, IL 60134
    tel: 630-232-1900
    fax: 630-232-1937
  • John Hicks, M.D.
    15 Commerce Drive, Suite 109
    Grayslake, IL 60030
    tel: 847-548-3441


  • Hugh Riordan, M.D.
    3100 N. Hillside Avenue
    Wichita, KS 67219
    tel: 316-682-3100
    fax: 316-682-5054
  • Jeremy Baptist, M.D., Ph.D.
    4601 W. 109th Street, Suite 314
    Overland Park, KS 66211
    tel: 913-469-4043
    fax: 913-469-6580


  • Tracy Barnes, D.C.
    1101 Herr Lane
    Louisville, KY 40222
    tel: 502-339-6550
    fax: 502-339-6501
  • Judy Minogue, R.Ph.
    4014 Dutchmans Lane
    Louisville, KY 40207
    tel: 502-894-4464
    fax: 502-893-4460


  • Laura R. Chaffiotte, D.C., C.C.N., D.A.C.B.A.
    812 Tollhouse Avenue
    Frederick, MD 21701
    tel: 301-694-7774
    fax: 301-694-9396
  • Kelly Dorfman, M.S.
    10828 Tuckahoe Way
    N. Potomac, MD 20878
    tel: 301-340-2239
    fax: 301-340-6499
  • Joyce Benjamin, R.N., P.A.-C.
    7507 Old Chapel Drive
    Bowie, MD 20715
    tel: 301-805-8399
    fax: 301-805-9417


  • Gerard DiFiore, N.D.
    Brookline, MA 02446
    Melrose, MA 02176
    tel: 617-852-7887 (Brookline) tel: 781-643-4066 (Melrose)
  • Jeanne Hubbuch, M.D.
    288 Walnut Street, Suite 420
    Newton, MA 02460
    tel: 617-965-7770
    fax: 617-965-7378
  • Peggy Chapman, R.N., C.S.
    62 Derby Street, #11
    Hingham, MA 02043
    tel: 781-740-8300
    fax: 781-740-8242
  • Joseph Py, D.O.
    38 Market Street
    Amesbury, MA 01913
    tel: 978-388-2782
    fax: 978-388-4340
  • Carol Englender, M.D.
    160 Speen Street, Suite 203
    Framingham, MA 01701
    tel: 508-875-0875
    fax: 508-875-0005
  • Barry Elson, M.D.
    Northampton Wellness Associates & The Pain Relief Center
    Maplewood Shops
    2 Maple Avenue, Suite 52
    Northampton, MA 01060
    tel: 413-584-7787
    fax: 413-584-7778
  • Andrea L. Vianna, M.D.
    Pediatric Holistic Center
    Kids Towards Wholeness
    8 River Drive
    Hadley, MA 01035
    tel: 413-549-4390


  • Robert DeJonge, D.O.
    2251 East Paris Avenue
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
    tel: 616-956-6090
    fax: 616-956-6099
  • Mark Leventer, M.D.
    P.O. Box 246
    12337 East Michigan
    Grass Lake, MI 49240
    tel: 517-522-8403
    fax: 517-522-4275
  • Angela Brockman, R.N.
    685 Island Drive
    Grass Lake, MI 49240
    tel: 517-522-6767
  • Eric Born, D.O.
    2350 East G Avenue
    Parchment, MI 49004
    tel: 616-344-6183
    fax: 616-349-3046
  • Thomas Kabisch, D.O.
    2330 East Stadium, #3
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    tel: 734-971-5483
    fax: 734-971-7585


  • Richard Mayfield, D.C., C.C.N.
    7901 Xerxes Avenue South
    Minneapolis, MN 55431
    tel: 952-885-0822
    fax: 952-885-9180
  • Kevin Wand, D.O.
    Midwest Wellness Center
    10564 France Avenue South
    Bloomington, MN 55431
    tel: 952-942-9303
    fax: 952-881-6871
  • Mary Nash, D.C., C.C.N. & Paul Nash, D.C., N.D.
    17 10th Avenue South
    Hopkins, MN 55364
    tel: 952-541-5669
    fax: 952-927-0178


  • Lauren Underwood, Ph.D.
    Developmental Delay Consultant, Inc.
    1328 Enos Street
    Diamondhead, MS 39525
    tel: 228-255-1238
    fax: 228-255-1238


  • James Smith, D.C.
    211 South Hwy 169
    Box 228
    Gower, MO 64454
    tel: 816-424-3858
    fax: 816-424-3878
  • Tipu Sultan, M.D.
    11585 West Florissant Avenue
    Florissant, MO 63033
    tel: 314-921-5600
    fax: 314-921-8273


  • James F. Murphy, Jr., D.O.
    8031 West Center Road, Suite 221
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  New Jersey

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    15 South Main Street
    Edison, NJ 08840
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    15 S. Main Street, Suite 6
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    European Lab of Nutrients, Vitamin Diagnostics Inc.
    Route 35 and Industrial Drive
    Cliffwood Beach, NJ 07735
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  New York

  • Paul Cutler, M.D.
    1081 Long Pond Road
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    Allergy and Immunology
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    Woodbury, NY 11797
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    Holistic Learning Center
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    Total Life Center
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  North Carolina

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    1312 Patton Avenue
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    Asheville Integrative Medicine
    239 South French Broad Avenue
    Asheville, NC 28801
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  South Carolina

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  • John Hicks, M.D.
    5411 Hwy 50
    Delavan, WI 53115
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    fax: 262-740-3001




Live Journal by Terri, a parent of a child with Autism.
Memorable Biomedical Treatment of Autism EntriesMemorable Biomedical Treatment of Autism Entries. Some items included are:
#  Treating Yeast by Rotating Natural Antifungals

# Reference Books for Biomed Treatment of Autistic Disorder

# Getting a Handle on all the Supplements

# Working with a Doctor to Treat Autistic Children

# My Favorite Doctors

Chelation of Mercury for the Treatment of Autism by Dr. Amy Holmes

Metal-Metabolism and Autism by Dr. Amy Holmes.

Heavy Metal Detoxification and Metallothionein Promotion by Dr. Amy Holmes.

Yahoo! Groups to join:

To discuss current issues related to the increasing incidence of autism the potential link between excessive mercury exposure via thimerosal in infant vaccines. Topics include: mercury detoxification ("chelation"), mercury-related issues/news, and vaccination-related issues/news. Most members are parents of children with autism, aspergers, ADD, ADHD, PDD, PDD-NOS, SID, oppositional defiance disorder, apraxia, speech disorders, and/or other related symptoms.
Click on the link below to send a message to subscribe:

Come one, come all discuss anything and everything about your autistic child, your friends' autistic child. You can do no wrong here. I believe my sons' autism was a direct result of his childhood vaccinations. Feel Free to discuss Mercury Poisoning, Enzymes, Diet, Therapies, ANYTHING involved in the world of autism...
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To discuss current issues related to the increasing incidence of autism and the potential link between autism and metallothionein dysfunction and excessive lead exposure or exposure to other heavy metals as a trigger for autism. This group includes detailed discussion of lead detoxification, news about lead-related issues, and other heavy metal-related issues. Most members are parents of children with lead poisoning and autism, aspergers, ADD, ADHD, PDD, PDD-NOS, or related symptoms. Although the primary focus is on lead poisoning, we also discuss other heavy metals (for example: mercury, cadmium, arsenic, antimony). Much of the discussion on the list is about lead detoxification ("chelation").
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This is Evidence of Harm, the discussion list. The purpose is to track and discuss the progress of events as told by David Kirby in his book of the same name. Loosely, we will try to pick up on events since the end of the book's time line November of 2004. Of keen interest to participants are the issues of government public health negligence and corruption and the various political efforts by parents to end the spectrum of epidemics that is being revealed as mercury poisoning, especially autism.
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Do you know what's in your infant's vaccine? Do you know what illnesses and epidemics those ingredients are causing?
VACCINE INGREDIENTS: Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldahyde, Anti-freeze, Coal-tar Derivative, Animal DNA, Human Fetus Cells, etc. ISN'T IT TIME WE DEMAND SAFER VACCINES!?! The goal of this group is to alert parents before vaccinating and work toward safer vaccines in this country and globally.
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Various articles by Dr. Mercola and other info. Click on this text to be taken to the website.